Welcome Glen is a quiet, village-like suburb, away from the hustle and bustle of Cape Town and and the surrounding towns.

Its a very special place, tucked away at the top of the Glencairn Valley.  Nestled between the Navy village of Da Gama Park and the old Glencairn area, the ‘village’ enjoys an amazing community spirit, which makes it a very special place to live.

The ‘village’, situated on the north slopes of the Glencairn Valley, was originally intended to be an extension of Da Gama Park, housing Navy personnel.  In the 1990’s the plots were offered for sale to the public and slowly an eclectic group of dwellings arose, bringing a varied group of residents to the area.

Built around the old Welcome Glen farmhouse (owned by Cape Nature and a national monument), the village has a lovely park, with a few playground structures for the local kids to use.  Skate boarding along Glenoak Road is a favourite past time of the local youth.  The surrounding mountains/hills offer opportunities for short hikes and majestic views of the village, False Bay and the surrounding communities.  Down the road, the award winning Glencairn wetlands draws residents of all ages and Glencairn beach is only a 5-minute drive away.

The nearest, famous attraction is the child friendly Boulders Beach, with the international star attraction, African penguins, a huge hit with the kids, and a great place to relax.


Penguin viewing at Boulders Beach

Relaxing, sheltered Boulders Beach where you can swim with the penguins.

The old light house at Cape Point